Purple cloud wheels 105mm Backfire Boards
Backfire Cloud Wheels 105mm
Blue cloud wheels 105mm Backfire Boards
Backfire Zealot Belts
Backfire Zealot Motor Set
Backfire Zealot S Motor Set
Backfire Zealot 750W Belt Motor
Backfire Zealot 750w Motor
Kegel Pulleys for Zealot
Zealot S Rear Truck Axle
Zealot S Front Truck
Zealot S Rear Truck
Zealot Motor Covers
Zealot S2 and X Motor Covers
Zealot S2 Motor Set
Zealot X Motor Set
Zealot S2 Motor 4235
Zealot X Motor 6358
Front Truck for Zealot S2 and G5
Rear Truck for Zealot S2
Rear Truck For Zealot X
Front Truck for Zealot X
Zealot S Rear Truck Axle
Adjustable Motor Mount for Zealot
Zealot Fixed Motor Mount
Zealot S Baseplate
Zealot Rear Truck
Zealot Motor Gold
Zealot Belt Cover
CloudWheel Motor Covers
Backfire Zealot S original Pulleys

Accessories & Wheels for Backfire Zealot, Zealot S, S2 and X

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To make it easier for customers to want to order the accessories specifically for Zealot or Zealot S, Zealot S2 and X. 

We put them all together on one page:

105mm Cloud Wheel with Pulley Set:  It comes with special pulley to work with the cloud wheels, also the motor cover is slightly different from the default cover.  If you order the cloud wheel set first time, please make sure you get this option so you can make it work together.  608 2RS high speed bearings are pre-installed in wheels, 6903 bearings are pre-installed in the pulley as well. 105mm cloud wheels fit Zealot, Zealot S, Zealot S2 and Zealot X. 

Backfire Cloudwheels


HTD-260-5M, 15, 20 Belts for Zealot series including zealot, zealot s, zealot s2, and zealot x,  these belts work for both 96mm wheels and 105mm Cloud wheels. 

Cloud wheel Pulley (Longer teeth than stock pulley)

The pulley from zealot does not work with 105mm cloud wheels directly. If you plan to order the cloud wheels, please select the comb option provided including the pulley. If want to get the additional pulley, you can add this option.

Zealot Original Pulley 37 teeth

They are the stock pulleys working for zealot series:  including zealot, zealot s, zealot s2, and zealot x. 

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