Backfire Shipping and Tracking

Shipping Policy:

Backfire Skateboards USA ships from California warehouse to all states of United States (excludes some minor islands) using major carriers' services including: USPS, UPS and FedEx group. The transit time is depending on the origin to the destination distance and carriers' advertised transit time, which is in general within 2 to 5 business days.

FedEx Ground Transit time map

This map illustrates service schedules in business days as of April, 2019 for FedEx Ground shipments
Please Note: Packages picked up from a residence may have one additional transit day. For faster returns please drop off at a staffed FedEx location.
UPS Ground Transit time Map
This map illustrates service schedules in business days as of April, 2019 for UPS Ground shipments

Certain products can not be shipped to PO box, APO, FPO address due to the product size and battery, so valid street address is required for shipping. A phone number is also required for shipping purpose only and protected under our privacy policy.

Shipping and Tracking from China:

In the case that California warehouse is out of stock ( which we state on the product page or other notices), we will create back order and will ship the package directly from China to you with an email notice of tracking number as well. The transit time could vary from 7 to 20 business days, including the customs clearance in between.

There are some extra steps for the international shipping due to the battery inside so that UPS and FedEx do not accept directly air shipping from China. How many steps are there in Logistics to ship an Electric Skateboard to other countries?

    • We send the packages from our factory to forwarders warehouse in Shenzhen, Forwarder print and put the UPS/FedEx label on the package.
    • Meantime, forwarder feedback the tracking number to Backfire, we update in the order and notify customer.
    • Forwarder moves these packages to Hong Kong airport ( Due to China mainland airlines do not take cargo with such big batteries)
    • Forwarder books the air cargo airplane from Hong Kong to Germany / USA or other destination counties.

    Step 1 to Step 4 happens within about 5  business days.

      • Packages go through the Germany or Belgium customs in EU , and we pay Duty and taxes. (Forwarder has two branches in Europe) ; or go through Customs in California of USA.

      Customs clearance is out of our control, which could take as smooth as 3 business days or as long as a couple of weeks depending on the situation.

        • Packages pass customs clearance and will be sent to UPS or FedEx. ( Customers will see the tracking number update on the carriers website)
        • UPS/FedEx make the final delivery via ground shipping.

        The whole process could take :

        • 7 to 15 business days to United States
        • 15 to 20 business days to European countries
        • 15 to 20 business days to Canada
        • 12 to 20 business days to Australia and New Zealand
        • 7 to 10 business days to other Asia countries