Backfire Zealot X Belt Drive Electric Skateboard
Backfire Zealot X Belt Drive Electric Skateboard
Backfire Zealot X Belt Drive Electric Skateboard
Backfire Zealot X Belt Drive Electric Skateboard
Backfire Zealot X Belt Drive Electric Skateboard
Backfire Zealot X Belt Drive Electric Skateboard
Backfire Zealot X Belt Drive Electric Skateboard
Backfire Zealot X Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

Backfire Zealot X Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

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  • Range: 55km / 34Miles
  • Speed: 50kph / 31mph
  • Battery: 14S2P Samsung 50S 504Wh
  • Motors: 6358 1500W*2 Belt Motors
  • Deck: 39*9.8inch Composite Maple, Fiber Glass and ABS
  • Wheels: 96 mm 80A standard
  • Trucks: 8.5 Inch Forge CNC 
  • Lights: Ice Blue around deck
  • System: 14S 58.8V
  • Max Load Weight: 110kg / 240lb

Shipping Policy:

Backfire offers the industry standard logistics solutions to our customers, considering our vertical supply chain system from China to USA and other counties. 

Domestic Shipping in USA:

Backfire Skateboards USA ships from California warehouse and Virginia Tech Center to all states of United States (excludes some minor islands) using major carriers' services including: USPS, UPS and FedEx ground. The transit time is depending on the origin to the destination distance and carriers' advertised transit time, which is in general within 2 to 5 business days. Disclaimer: carriers might inform you for a delay on the tracking page which is beyond our control in certain situations beyond control. 

UPS Ground Transit time Map

This map illustrates service schedules in business days as of Dec., 2022 for UPS Ground shipments.

Certain products can not be shipped to PO box, APO, FPO address due to the product size and lithium battery inside. A valid street number and name is required for shipping address. A valid phone number is also required for shipping purpose only in case carrier needs to contact you and protected by our privacy policy. 


1. How long do I get a tracking number after my order?

You will receive the tracking number in

  - 1 to 2 business days if we ship within domestic USA

  - 3 business days after order if you select air shipping from China

  - Around 30 to 35 business days if you select sea shipping from China, which is the transit time for a container from China to arrive to the local warehouse

2. Why my tracking number does not move, only show label created or why my tracking shows an estimated delivery date today no movement at all?

If your package is from China via air or sea shipping, it has to pass the customs first before the carrier could scan and move it.  Once it pass the customs, the tracking number will update on carriers' website with a final delivery date. The estimated delivery date is NOT accurate if the package did not show "in transit" to you, which means it has not passed customs or has not picked up by the carrier.  Most people will see the tracking number remain the status of " label created" for 4 to 7 business days.  Do not need to call UPS or FedEx asking the package, because they will simply ask you to contact Backfire again. Please kindly wait for the package status update once it pass the customs, or feel free to reach out to our support. 

3. Does the package require signature? What if I can not be home to sign for it?

Given the high value of the product, we do require signature for most of our deliveries. So you or someone has to be present in delivery to sign for the package. 

If you are not home for the delivery date, the carrier will not leave the package at the front door. The carrier will try to make the 2nd delivery next business day. You can also call the carrier to request them hold the package at the local store or partner's location, so you can pick it up from them at your continent time.  

4. What can I do if the tracking number says the package was delivered, but I did not receive it?

Few things you have to do first to solve it in a timely manner:

- Check if any family members or receiving office in your apartment received the package for you.

- Call the carrier as soon as possible to file a claim and provide the claim reference number to Backfire. If you do not know how to file a claim with carrier, please inform us as soon as possible, so we can contact the carrier from our end. 

We reply ONLY on the carriers' tracking status and investigation result to make the final conclusion. If carriers approved lost package claim, we will send a replacement package. We will NOT approve any lost package claim if: theft from your property after delivery; wrong shipping address in the original order; carrier's final investigation confirmation of the delivery to the correct address.

Warning: fraudulent claims will make you liable for any prosecution for mail fraud under federal crime code. 

International Air Shipping from China:

In the case that USA (or other local) warehouses are out of stock (as showing on the product page or via other notices), we will process the order and ship the package directly from China factory to you with an email notice of tracking number. The transit time could vary from 7 to 20 business days via Air shipping. 

The whole process of Air shipping from China could take :

  • 7 to 15 business days to United States
  • 15 to 20 business days to European countries
  • 15 to 20 business days to Canada
  • 15 to 20 business days to Australia and New Zealand
  • 7 to 10 business days to other Asia countries

There are some extra steps for the international shipping because UPS and FedEx do not accept such big battery products via directly air shipping from China mainland. We have to use special air cargo from Hong Kong.  Details are as below:

  1. We send the packages from our factory to forwarder's warehouse in Shenzhen
  2. Our forwarder print and put the UPS/FedEx label on the package
  3. Meantime, forwarder feedback the tracking number to Backfire, our team update in the order and notify customer.
  4. Forwarder moves these packages to Hong Kong airport and books the air cargo airplane from Hong Kong to Germany , USA or other destination counties.
  5. Packages have to go through the Germany or Belgium customs in EU, or customs in California of USA (customs clearance is out of our control, which could take as smooth as 2 business days or as long as a couple of weeks depending on the situation)
  6. Packages pass customs clearance and will be sent to UPS or FedEx or local carriers. (Customers will see the tracking number update on the carriers website at this point)
  7. Normally, UPS/FedEx make the final delivery via ground shipping within 2 to 5 days in USA, or similar transit time in destination countries.

International Sea Shipping from China:

Sea shipping takes about 35 to 40 days in total, while during the pandemic, the sea shipping time could be between 40 and 60 days.  It is generally with the lowest price, but slowest transit time since we have to accumulate the orders in volume and put hundreds of packages together on a boat to USA or Europe.  Once our USA or Germany warehouse receive the container, we will send them out via ground shipping.  

You normally will receive a tracking number showing from local warehouse 5 or 7 days before you receive your package. Please kindly wait for your tracking update when the carrier pick up the package. 

      Backfire Zealot X

      The Backfire Zealot X is the epitome of design from over 10 years of experience crafting Electric Skateboards.

      ABS+Glass fiber+maple
      Composite deck

      8.5inch aluminium alloy
      Forged CNC Trucks

      96*55mm polyurethane
      80a Durometer Wheels

      Samsung 50S 21700
      14S2P battery pack

      Accurate Battery
      Smart BMS

      FOC 140A

      1500W*2 6358
      Belt driven motors

      Built-in deck
      Atmospheric Lighting

      365 Days

      Unparalleled control

      Our new custom 140A 14S ESC is designed for a smooth powerful ride that you can customize to fit your riding style.

      Powerful Battery

      The Zealot X features a 14S2P 58.8V Battery granting the best performance in our lineup for range getting you up to 34 Miles on a single charge!

      High-Tech composite board

      Finest Materials - Exquisite workmanship - Sophisticated Construction

      Amazing Handling

      Our newly designed 96*55 80A wheels offer smooth performance and locks you to the road wether you want to bomb a hill and slide or surf the road with tight carves.

      Backfire MO Optional Tires

      The New generation of Zealots motor protection case is designed to be detachable allowing for you to change to different wheels.

      Durable and Flexible

      Strong Stance

      Copmpared with our previous generation of Zealots, the Zealot X has a wider footwell design. This allows you to be locked into the deck to be secure at high speeds and tight carves.

      Halo Remote

      We don't pull our power off a shelf.

      Learn more about the Halo Remote


      Adjust the performance of the Zealot X to suit you or your loved one. The acceleration, brake strength, and top speed are all customizable.


      The gorgeous 1.5 inch / 38.5 cm LED display shows you all you need to know at a glance. No need for a magnifying glass.


      We are the only electric skateboard brand to have a dedicated Turbo button. Press it for an extra boost on steep hills or to chase down bad guys. Use with extreme caution!


      The power button on the remote also wakes the board. Turning off the remote puts the board into a power-saving sleep mode. No need to press a button on the board.


      Quickly toggle between Eco and Sport modes without having to cycle through a list of modes. Eco mode for range, Sport mode for performance.


      Further personalize your board by assigning to it up to three fingerprints. Use the fingerprint reader to unlock the remote. The auto-lock feature prevents accidental throttle engagement.

      Aluminum SHELL

      The remote's aluminum alloy shell is as beautiful as it is robust. The back side is matte plastic to allow for a strong signal with the board.


      Having a physical reverse switch allows you to quickly change between forward and reverse. No double or triple clicking. No need to step off the board.

      • Range: 55km / 34Miles
      • Speed: 50kph / 31mph
      • Battery: 14S2P Samsung 50S 504Wh
      • Motors: 6358 1500W*2 Belt Motors
      • Deck: 39*9.8inch Composite Maple, Fiber Glass and ABS
      • Wheels: 96 mm 80A standard
      • Trucks: 8.5 Inch Forge CNC 
      • Lights: Ice Blue around deck
      • System: 14S 58.8V
      • Max Load Weight: 110kg / 240lb
      • Zealot X Electric Skateboard
      • Remote
      • Charger
      • T-Tool
      • Error Detection Cable
      • Type-C Charging Cable
      • 2x Belts
      • 2x Pulleys
      • Spare Screws
      • Set of Hex wrenches
      • Manual and sticker pack



      • The actual range depends on many factors (rider's weight, average riding speed, road condition, wind speed, etc.)
      • We provide the e-manual for download here Download Manuals
      • IP55 Water Resistant Only, Not Waterproof! Do not ride in wet conditions, water damage is not covered under warranty and a damaged battery could cause fire risk!
      • Backfire Zealot S2 's Motors, ESC and the Remote are based on our new generation platform , and are not compatible with other Backfire other models or other brands on the market. 

      Safety Warning:  

      • If you rode on wet ground with a risk of water entering your battery, please remove and check your battery.  
      • If there is any evidence of moisture, including water stains, disconnect the battery from your board immediately. Do not charge or use it!  Keep the battery in a dry and fire resistant place to avoid potential fire risk (such as a sealed bucket outdoors).  
      • Do not keep a potentially water damaged battery indoors.  
      • Do not ship a potentially water damaged battery for service. 
      • Contact Backfire for next steps: 
      • Moisture inside a battery pack can cause corrosion and short circuits in electronics such as the BMS, lighting or USB boards. This may occur in days or weeks after water ingress. 
      • The Li-ion batteries in your pack contain lithium cobalt oxide and organic solvents. These components can self-sustain a fire when a battery is subjected to short circuits, excessive heat, and other stresses.