Backfire Mud Guard for Hammer
Backfire Mud Guard
Backfire Mud Guard
Mud Guard for Backfire Hammer Sledge

Mudguards for Backfire Hammer and Sledge

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The mudguards are designed for Backfire Hammer and Hammer Sledge specially. It is slightly different from the mudguards on Ranger for the different truck set up .  So please make sure you select the right model.  
Backfire Hammer

Mudguards does not change the water resistant level of Backfire Boards.  It is used in small amount splash of water or muddy terrains. Backfire's IP55 water-resistant rating enables riders to use the board through a small puddle on most dry roads. You cannot use the board during the rain, or on wet/icy grounds after rain & snow; or sink the board into the water. Water could damage your battery, esc, motors, and the bearings in the wheels.  Water damage is NOT covered under our warranty. 

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