Backfire Ranger X2 Motor Set
Backfire Ranger X2 Motor Set
Backfire Ranger X2 Motor
Ranger X1 Upgrade Kit to X2

Hub Motor for Ranger X2

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Product Specifications:
  • The hub motor is special designed for Backfire Ranger X2
  • 1200W In-hub motor
  • 6'' off road Tire is pre-installed, 165mm wheels.
  • Back axle is included (if order the motor set only)
  • MR30 connector
  • Single Motor has the tire installed as well
Upgrade Kit for Ranger X1
The above upgrade kit for our previous Ranger X1 users, which is compatible with their 10s4p battery system by using this new esc and ranger x2 motors, with increased power.  Upgrade Kit for Ranger X1 does not include the "Turbo" function. 
Since Oct 13th 2020, there are slightly change of the Ranger X2 motors with better power than before , 33kv motors with 33kv esc program.  The production serial number for Ranger X2 is from RX102934. Please confirm with our tech support if plan to upgrade or replace your motors for your Ranger x2 to make sure you get the correct parts. 33kv motors and 32kv motors are using different hall line sequences , so they are not swappable, you need specific esc to work with the right motors.