Motor Cover for G2 Black/ Galaxy
Motor Cover for G3
Motor Cover for G3
Wheel cover G3 plus
Wheel Cover for Ranger
Motor Case for Ranger X3
Motor Case for G3
Motor wheel cover/cap for Backfire Electric Skateboards
Motor Case for G2- V1
Backfire G2t motor cover

Motor wheel cover/cap for Backfire Electric Skateboards

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The most common needed hardware for Backfire Electric Skateboards, please select the right model for your board. Feel free to contact our support if any questions. 

Motor covers for G3 & Mini (Also compatible for G3 plus, G2 Black and G2 Galaxy after June 2020)

Motor cover for G3 Plus (Also compatible for G3, Mini, or G2 black & G2 Galaxy)


The 1st generation G2 black motor cover with bearing and magnets (for G2 BLACK made before June 2020, please check with our support if you are not sure which version you had) 


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