Backfire Skateboard Wheel 608 Bearing
Bearings for Backfire Boards
Bearing Cover for V3 Motor
Bearing Cover for Backfire Motor
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Backfire G2t motor cover

Skateboard Bearings for Backfire Boards

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  • High Performance 608 2RS Bearings for skateboards and longboards, electric longboards
  • High Performance Abec- 9 bearings
  • No logo or with Backfire Logo
  • 8 pieces is 1 set, sell as set. 
  • Fit Front wheels for Modes: G2T, G2 BLACK, G3 and Mini,Zealot and Zealot S. 

There are also bearings work in different hub motors. Some people might consider changing the bearings inside the hub motor if you are skilled to do so yourself.

Here are the list of specific bearing sizes for all our different models in the option. 

We will carry and sell below bearings two pieces in a pair here:

  • 1614 2RS for Ranger X2 and Ranger X3 front wheels
  • 6906 ZZ for the Ranger X2 and Ranger X3 hub motor
  • 6904 2RS and 6901 2RS (one size each for each motor, so you would need two of each for two motors)  for G2T hub motor
  • 6805 2RS and 6806 2RS (one size each for each motor, so you would need two of each for two motors) for G2 black, Mini, G3 and G3 plus hub motor before June 2020 as 2nd generation. 
  • 6905 2RS for G2 black, G2 Galaxy, Mini, G3 and G3 plus hub motor after June 2020 as the 3rd generation. 
  • 6903 2R2 for Zealot Wheels
  • 6303 ZZ and 6005 ZZ (one size each for each motor, so you would need two of each for two motors)  for the Ranger X1 hub motor
  • 6000 For Hammer 160 pneumatic tires
  • 62900 For 120 Cloud Wheels to work with Hammer

Disclaimer :Motor cover with bearing for G3, Mini , G2 black and G3 Plus ( version 2 cover with bearing 6806 2RS is different from version 3 with the 6905 2RS bearing after June 2020, please check with our tech support first if you are not sure which version bearing cover you wanted)

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