What Makes All Terrain Skateboards Different?

If you're new to skateboarding, you're probably looking for a fairly standard skateboard or longboard to use in your local skatepark. However, what you might not have considered is an option that can allow you to do more with skating: all terrain skateboards. But what exactly makes an all terrain skateboard different from other skateboards or longboards?

  • Wheels: In order for your skateboard to be able to take you off the beaten path, it's going to need heavier-duty wheels. This is so your off-road skateboard can handle the uneven terrain while still allowing you to maintain proper balance. Try skating on uneven ground with normal wheels, and you're more likely to take a spill from smaller bumps in the road.

  • Durability: Most skateboards are designed to handle tricks and rough spills and are fairly durable as a result. However, all terrain electric skateboards are built to tackle everything from tricks to climbing steeper hills. While it's possible to turn a standard electric longboard or skateboard into an all terrain skateboard with the right upgrades, a board built to go off-road is more likely to give you better results.

  • Motor: The biggest difference between standard skateboards and all terrain skateboards is the presence of the electric skateboard motor. The extra power allows you to take your skateboard places where most longboards and skateboards are unable to go and keeps you moving over rougher ground.

About 11 million people self-report that they enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis, but many people pass up remote control skateboards because they don't realize that these unique boards can take you off-road where most boards can't go. If you want to get the most out of your skating experience, consider opting for an all terrain electric skateboard for your next skating purchase.

Looking for an automatic skateboard or longboard to take you to new terrain? Backfire electric longboards and skateboards are available for all terrain skating, allowing you to take your hobby to the next level. Contact Backfire Boards today for more information on electric skateboards and how to find the right electric skateboard or longboard for you.

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