Backfire Electric Longboards

Backfire Electric Longboards: G2 Black, G2S, G2T, Ranger X1, Ranger X2, G3, G3plus & Mini

Get where you want to go in style with your very own Backfire electric longboard. With speed levels that are off the charts and hill-climbing abilities that can’t be matched, there’s no other set of motorized longboards for sale that can surpass these Backfire electric longboard beauties. Our G2T electric longboards are ready for you to ride, and if those aren’t extreme enough, check out our Ranger X2 off-road longboard. The X2 can go off-road anywhere, any time. With an electric longboard motor, and a charge that lasts 20 miles, nothing will stand in your way. Backfire G3 Plus are born for track with unlimited turbo and extraordinary long range.  Backfire Mini is our light weight and super Portable electric skateboard. 

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