The State Of Skateboarding: How The Hobby Is Changing

Skateboarding today is very different than it used to be. Studies show the average person interested in skateboarding is very different than they used to be, and these demographic differences could have major implications for the industry.

Aging Skaters, Changing Hobbies

While skateboarding has remained popular over the years, the people that are involved in skateboarding and the culture surrounding it look different than they did several years ago. Previously, skateboarding has been a hobby that was popular with kids and teens, but more recent evidence shows that this isn't necessarily the case anymore. The previous generation of skaters is growing up, and there aren't as many children adopting the hobby as there used to be.

The numbers back up the theory of aging skaters. In 2006, 71% of the group were in the 12-17 age demographic. Today only 45% is 12-17. As skaters get older, their skating habits change, as do their buying habits. This means that more skaters are likely to look at more expensive and technologically advanced skateboarding options, like automatic longboards and all terrain electric skateboards. As skaters age, the way people skate will likely continue to change as well, though it remains to be seen just how much aging skateboarders will impact the overall industry.

Technological Advances In Skateboarding

Not only have skateboarders been getting older, they've also been getting more technologically savvy. Recent advances in technology have allowed skateboarders to do more with their favorite hobby, including taking their skating off road. Electric off road skateboards and automatic longboards have taken skateboarding from just being an activity for parks and streets to being much more than that.

Automatic longboards and skateboards have changed both where skateboarding can happen and also what people are using skateboarding for. Tricks and flips are still popular and an essential part of skating, but it's no longer the only focus for many skaters. Remote control skateboards make skateboarding a more realistic option for many peoples' commutes. As technology continues to change, it's likely that modern skateboarding will as well.

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