How To Make The Switch From Surfing To Longboarding

There are a surprising number of sports and hobbies that overlap well with skateboarding and longboarding: snowboarding, surfing, and many others. However, those who look to switch from one sport to the other sometimes have trouble sticking with it. It’s estimated that only 20% of those that have stepped on a skateboard in the last year actually skate regularly and actively build their skateboarding skills. If you want to switch from surfing to longboarding or skateboarding and actually stick with it, here are a few tips and tricks to make the adjustment easier.

  • Get back to basics: While you might be used to surfing at a higher level, don't expect to immediately be able to jump right in with tricks and do well. Patience is key when making the switch. It's still technically a new skill set that you're trying to learn, even if it feels fairly similar. Be patient; learning takes time, even if you're familiar. Start simple, and work your way up.
  • Find a good place to practice: Just as choosing the right wave to catch is a must for surfing, finding the right place to practice is essential for learning to longboard. You want a place with a smoother surface, so pick a road with as few bumps as possible. This will help you get your bearings until you're more comfortable.
  • Longboards, not skateboards: When picking out a board, stick to longboards, not skateboards. Skateboards are shorter and designed specifically for tricks, whereas a longboard will give you a ride that feels more similar to surfing.
  • Look for remote control longboards: When you're looking to pick up your longboard, look for remote control longboards or automatic longboards specifically. Powered longboards like these don't require you to push, giving you a feeling more similar to surfing. As an added bonus, many of these are able to be used as off road longboards as well, giving you more freedom once you're comfortable with longboarding.

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