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Wheels for Backfire Ranger X2

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We realized to install the rubber tires on the Ranger X2 wheels could be challenging for some of users who do not have the experiences, skills or necessary tools.  So we start offering the pre-installed tire with rim for an easier option for you to change back wheels on Ranger X2, which also giving the motors fresh new rims with magnates. 


1. Rubber tire with Rim Set with 32kv motors before Oct. 13th 2020 ( sold by two as showing in the photo)

  • The rubber tire is pre-installed on the rims
  • The magnets are also included in the rim to work with the motor coil. 
  • It is easier to install than the rubber tire itself. 

2. Rubber tire with Rim Set with 33kv motors After Oct. 13th 2020 (sold by two as showing in the photos) 

  • The rubber tire is pre-installed on the rims
  • There is no magnets on the rim (changed the design in the motor) 
  • It is much easier to install than the rubber tire itself. 

3. Front wheels : Ranger X3 front wheels are subsitute for X2 front wheels while they are out of stock. Please check the X3 front wheels here.   The bearings are pre-installed in the front wheels.  Ranger X1 users please read below before making a purchase, you will need to order a new hanger or axle to fit the new front wheel. 


Well, As you can see below there is a different structure on the new wheels to the left. Each wheel weighs 550g compared to the old wheels which weigh 2600g. This is a massive improvement to the weight of the board making it easier to bring with you on a daily commute.RX1 Wheels

Not only is the weight improved but you may be wondering why the wheels came with a new hanger. Well, below you can see an up-close photo of the two hangers. On the left is the old hanger and on the right is the new one. You can see the main difference is the metal cutout at the end of the wheelbase. The old wheel has a square cutout that would be inserted into that square cutout. This was due to the special nature of the old wheels. The new wheels use regular bearings which means it does not need this square cutout anymore so it got changed to a circle to set the new wheel in the same position the old wheel was instead of slightly further out. 

The wheels also add ride comfort. The old wheels would bottom out on large cracks between pavement. This is no longer an issue as the increased rubber on our new wheels absorbs the impact. 

Since Oct 13th 2020, there was slightly change of the Ranger X2 motors with better power than before , 33kv motors with 33kv esc program.  The production serial number for Ranger X2 is from RX102934. Please confirm with our tech support if plan to upgrade or replace your motors for your Ranger x2 to make sure you get the correct parts.

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