Why Hub Motors for the Ranger X3?

Here at Backfire we have always strived to innovate and provide quality products for our customers. Many companies have moved to using belt driven motors for their all-terrain boards, yet we have decided to stick with hub motors. The reasoning for this is simple.

We believe in hub motors, we have received a lot of positive feedback about them from the Ranger X1 and X2, so we focused on improving them. Now, with the Ranger X3's improved motors, the torque is comparable to belt motors in most conditions. The Ranger X3 is one of the only hub driven all-terrain boards on the market now. The reason this is important is that hub motors offer some distinct advantages over belt motors, especially on an all-terrain board. All-terrain boards are often used in harsher conditions, often exposed to water, dust, sand, rocks, and mud. Belt systems have many exposed parts, which makes them more likely to break or get stuck on a ride and makes post ride cleaning a much more difficult process. With the hub system you don't have to worry about mud, sand, or grass clogging up your belts while on a trail or having to clean it out after every ride. There is overall much less maintenance and no need to replace belts or adjust tension. Hub systems provide less stress and mess both before and after the ride.

We believe in the quality of our hub motors and their capabilities. They offer a powerful experience with the Ranger X3 giving you the ability to go almost anywhere you want. We love the Ranger X3 and we hope you're as stoked to get it as we were to make it!

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