What is new about the Ranger X1 Wheels?

The Ranger X1 recently got an upgrade to its wheels in the latest batch. So what is so different about them?

Well As you can see below there is a different structure on the new wheels to the left. Each wheel weighs 550g compared to the old wheels which weigh 2600g. This is a massive improvement to the weight of the board making it easier to bring with you on a daily commute.RX1 Wheels

Not only is the weight improved but you may be wondering why the wheels came with a new hanger. Well, below you can see an up-close photo of the two hangers. On the left is the old hanger and on the right is the new one. You can see the main difference is the metal cutout at the end of the wheelbase. The old wheel has a square cutout that would be inserted into that square cutout. This was due to the special nature of the old wheels. The new wheels use regular bearings which means it does not need this square cutout anymore so it got changed to a circle to set the new wheel in the same position the old wheel was instead of slightly further out. 

The wheels also add ride comfort. The old wheels would bottom out on large cracks between pavement. This is no longer an issue as the increased rubber on our new wheels absorbs the impact. 

If you want a new set of these improved wheels to improve your ride experience you can get them here. They come with two front wheels and the new hanger. 


  • Chris Reining

    Yes I’m interested in the new wheels.

  • Bradlee Rodecker

    This is going to be a major improvement! My only complaint of the ranger is the Weight/tires. These new wheels and tread design are going to be so very useful! Cant wait to upgrade my ranger.

  • demetris Anderson
    Will you send me a email with the information needed to purchase a new set of wheels for my Ranger X1

  • demetris Anderson
    The new improvements sound good! I would really like to try them.

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