The Adventure of Little Jam Book

Esk8 has become a very popular hobby in the last few years and many new people are getting in to the hobby and that means even younger riders are starting to get into it. Patrick Phillips, a popular esk8 youtuber, and his son Jam just released a children's book telling the story of how they got into electric skateboarding. 

Who Are You

Jamison is a 9 year old active young man who enjoys riding electric skateboards, electric unicycles, skateboarding, playing baseball and swimming. He is the author of the Adventures of Little Jam book series. 

Patrick is a  content creator who enjoys riding various Personal Electric Vehicles (PEV's). In addition to creating PEV Content, Patrick is the author of several books and enjoys making a difference in the community through mentoring, conducting empowerment workshops and podcast episodes. 


About the Book

The Adventures of Little Jam and The Electric Skateboard is a fun story about our experiences associated with ESK8. From the awe of seeing others ride electric boards, to searching for the right board, to us participating in our first group ride, individuals reading the book will learn what it looks like to join the sport from the beginning. The book also features QR codes throughout the book which allow readers to have an immersive experience while reading the book. 


When did you get into riding PEV's? (Personal Electric Vehicles)

Our journey with PEV’s began while riding regular skateboards on a local trail in Atlanta in 2019. While kick-pushing our regular skateboards, someone blew by us on an electric skateboard. Of course we had to step our game up and jump into the ESK8 arena. The Backfire G2T was actually one of the first electric boards that we purchased. Since that time we've had the opportunity to ride many other Backfire Boards. In addition to riding electric skateboards, Jamison and I also ride scooters, electric bikes and electric unicycles. 

How old was Jamison's son when you allowed him to ride an electric skateboard for the first time? 

Jamison was six years old when he began riding electric skateboards. Initially I was a little hesitant because electric skateboards have the potential to be more dangerous than regular skateboards. but he picked up riding electric skateboards really quickly. We then started riding together on secluded trails that were safe for him to learn. As we both got better at riding, we started exploring more rigorous locations until we were able to start riding with the local community. Jam now shreds with me all through Atlanta on group rides and it has been really crazy to see his progression. He is obsessed with group rides, especially night rides.

Where do you and Jamison ride together?

Jam and I ride in a variety of locations. We often ride on the Atlanta Beltline, but we also ride throughout the city of Atlanta and on group rides. Honestly we ride as much as we can, we use our electric skateboards and EUC’s (Electric Unicycles) to ride to baseball practice, local events and to avoid parking fees. LOL.

Jamison, what do you like most about riding electric skateboards? 

"I like riding with the guys and going on group rides. I also like riding down big hills to go fast". 


Talk about your EDC Carry when you leave the house to ride. 

I have several non-negotiables when we leave the house, protective pads, lights, helmet and wrist guards. In my opinion safety is imperative and being preventive helps reduce the risk of long-term injury. In addition to our safety gear, we often ride with extra belts for the board and an allen key set and a bluetooth speaker. We have to roll with our toons when we roll because it's all about the vibe. 


What would you tell someone considering buying a PEV 

Do it, there are so many communities associated with PEV's. From EUC's, scooters, ESK8 to onewheels, you have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. Personally, ESK8 and EUC's have been great pastimes with the challenges associated COVID and the need for social distance. We can still enjoy the company of others while still being safe. 

Where can people buy the book


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