Should you get an ESK8 for college?

Skateboards and college campuses go together very well I will list a few reasons for you below but when I lived on a college campus my skateboard was my main form of transportation. Now here are a few reasons why they are great on a college campus!

  • You can pick them up and take them inside. This means there is very little chance of it getting stolen like bikes on a bike rack do.
  • They are portable, as mentioned above you can take them into class just sit the board under your desk, on the wall next to you, or at the front of the classroom so you can always have an eye on them. They are also great for riding to dinner to meet up with your friends without getting too in the way having to search for a bike rack and plan your trips around them.
  • If you live more than two miles away it can be a great way to save on gas and expensive parking passes. Backfires electric skateboards have a ranger of up to 11 miles at the least and can get you too and from campus much quicker than walking.
  • It is fun! Skateboarding around campus is just fun and there is always a pretty good community around it, don't be surprised if you run into another esk8er or someone who will eventually buy one after seeing you shredding around campus. 

Whether your campus has rough sidewalks or smooth trails Backfire has a skateboard for you. If you live on a campus with rough sidewalks and streets you can check out the Backfire Ranger! With huge 6" rubber wheels it takes bumps and offroading like a champ. If your campus has smooth roads and sidewalks them check out the Backfire G2 and G2T they have the power to get you around campus quickly and smoothly plus with the included 96mm wheels they can even handle rough terrain almost as well at the Ranger X1 your ride will just be slightly bumpier!

If this article has convinced you to pick up a Backfire Skateboard your in luck! We have a back to school sale going on for a limited time you can get the G2T and Ranger X1 for $30 off from now till August 10th with code B2S19!

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