Ranger X3 Update

We have been getting more and more questions about the Ranger X3. The answers are here: Yes, Backfire has been developing the Ranger X3 since late 2019. We are pretty much ready to release it in late July or August. However, Backfire decided to push the release date to early October for one major reason: our existing customers.

We hear your voices. We need to focus on allocating all our company resources to improve our supply chains, to improve the overall customer experience. Since the supply chain delay due to COVID-19 from earlier 2020, we have not been able to fully restock our USA and Germany warehouses. We want our customers to be able to get their boards within 2 to 5 days in the USA or within a week in Europe as was possible before COVID-19. We are talking to businesses in Canada, Australia, etc. to potentially create more distribution centers in other countries for faster deliveries. We also want to make sure we do not rush the factories to prevent any quality control issues.

Customer satisfaction and quality is our top priority, we will continue to improve these in the next 3 months. For these reasons, we are pushing back the release date of the Ranger X3 to early October. In the meantime, we will continue to work on the Ranger X3, creating as close to a perfect product as we can before release. Thank you for your continued support of Backfire!


  • Stevie P

    Will the new board get any solid upgrades? I really want to get a backfire board. The X2 vs Maxfind FF Plus is almost the same board. Battery size vs. battery swap. Hoping the X3 gives me a clear answer to buy it!!

  • Jeremy

    Hi guys. Any updates on the ranger x3? There’s been no talk on your website or any other forums since July. Is there at least a spec sheet to look at yet? I’ve held off for months on ordering the ranger x2 because I’d like to see specs on the x3 first. Also is this still scheduled for release in October?

  • Hans Allen

    I hope you guys will be sending out emails to let everyone know when it is available for purchase. I’m saving my money now in hopes that I will be able to purchase in October. I’m planning on taking this with me on a hiking trip to Vietnam on the Ho Chi minh trail. I have a sunfilm solar charger for it already. Will be posting the trek online.
    Can’t wait!!!

  • Ben

    Can’t wait for the Ranger X3 release!
    Bought two Ranger X2’s together with a friend.
    Each board already has 2000km+ on it and still running fine! Very Happy with them.

  • Mike Ostendorf

    Can’t wait!!! I’ll be saving my pennies.

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