Ranger X1 shipping update 12/3/2018

Hi All

Quick update for the shipping here:

1.      All U.S customers - U.S. container has passed the customs clearance last Friday, some were sorted out and send to FedEx directly, some will go through our CA warehouse to print labels. Tracking number were sent to some of you.  More tracking numbers will be sent out in next two to Three days. You will get the boards in next 5 to 7 business days as my estimate.  Some boards if not in the container will be sent from China directly via small package, which takes 7 to 10 days as well.

2.      All Europe customers - the container has passed the customs clearance, and the container will be delivered to our Germany warehouse this week.  Once it gets to the Germany warehouse, tracking numbers will be sent out, it could happen this week or early next week.

3.      If you still have not received the tracking number or have not received the board in other countries, it could be the email was in your junk folder or the package is at the customs in your country.   Please email Adi@helloskate.com for more details.

Few issues were reported with the update:

1.      We had several people reported the charger will not charge the battery and the light was blinking between green and red. Our factory has investigated the issue with our suppliers.  The conclusion is the charger.  The charger supposed to work between 110v to 240v universally. In China, the voltage is 220v, so during the factory QA test, there was no issue.   While in countries like U.S., Canada and Australia, the voltage is 110v, the charger’s electricity output is higher than China with 220v, so to put the charger in the protection mode, not giving the charge.    

We want to apologize for this quality issue and any inconvenience caused to you. It does NOT seems happening to all chargers. We will send free charger to people who encounter this issue. For this warranty claim, please email Adi@helloskate.com with our your order no and updated address (if has changed from before), we will resend the charger from China via small package directly.

2.      The battery sealing glue overflowing.  This was a minor issue reported by a couple of people so far. The sealing glue overflowed out of the battery case before it was completely dry.  The glue is used to seal the battery in the enclosure to make it better water resistant.  The overflowed glue could be wiped out and cleaned without impact the function of the board.

Hope you followed and enjoyed the whole Ranger X1 E-Skate Wild West China Trip. Complete videos and photos could be found on the website. https://www.backfireroadtrip.com/ .   Now, we are preparing a new Road Trip project in U.S. in 2019. 

Thanks all for the great support to Backfire . 

Backfire Team

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