Product Hardware Upgrades

Ranger x2 upgrades

Orders of the Ranger X2 since early May 2020 will receive units with new motor axles that have a thicker square mounting point on the trucks. This is because we have upgraded to 32kv motors from the old 28kv motors. This means the Ranger X2 will have a little more torque than before. 

ESC & Motor upgrades

All of our boards are getting some minor upgrades that will help increase water resistance and make it easier to perform maintenance down the road. These upgrades are listed below.

1). ESC enclosures will be upgraded to a new version with two holes for motor cables. The new ESC enclosure will still FIT onto previous decks with the same screw hole patterns. You can see this change on the right in the picture below.
New ESC enclosure design.

2). Motor cables will be upgraded from MR30 plugs to 9 pin cables as we have on the Zealot for all Backfire Electric boards, starting with the G2 black Galaxy edition going into production in June. The benefit of this change besides better water resistance is allowing motor changes without opening the ESC enclosure.
New Motor Cables Backfire Electric Skateboards

3). All ESC power buttons will be changed to the same version that is on the Mini now, it has a smaller button. We find this power button version to be more reliable than the previous blue light power button 

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  • Samuel Wragge

    I have the Backfire G2 Black and I’m wanting to upgrade it. Not sure what I should all get that will be compatible with each other, let alone improve the performance of the board. I’d appreciate the feedback to see what parts I need.

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