How To Show Off Your Personal Skateboarding Style


While skating is a fairly popular hobby, not everyone gets fully invested in it. It’s estimated that about 20% of people that have “stepped on” a skateboard in the last year actually skate regularly. That being said, when you're invested in your skating, you want your board to be a reflection of you and your personality. Your board can say a lot about you, and having the right board will help you really show off who you are at the skate park. When you're looking for a new board to showcase your style, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Check On The Deck

Obviously, the biggest impact you can make on your board's ability to reflect your personal style is with the deck you select. While a plain, solid color deck is a nice option if you plan to decorate yours with stickers or other means, plenty of well-designed decks exist out there to show off your style. Look for ones that sport your favorite artist's work; it's a great way to reflect your personality and even start up conversations at the skatepark.

What About Longboards?

For the skater who's more interested in going longer distances than showing off at the skate park, a longboard might be the better option. Longboards are a bit more similar to sports like surfing or snowboarding, so if you started out in one of those sports and want to bring that look and attitude to your new hobby, look for a board with a longer deck. You can still do plenty of tricks on a longboard as well, but they'll be slightly different than your standard push skateboard.

High-Tech Options

Not all skateboards are created equal in the twenty-first century. Many boards now come with electric skateboard motors that can help take them to new terrain. If you're an adventurous thrill-seeker looking to take your board to new limits, you might want to pick a board with an electric motor that can handle a variety of locations, both on and off road.

Choosing a standard board that reflects your style helps you connect better with the hobby and show off who you are through your interests. Whether you pick a standard board, a longboard, or an all terrain electric skateboard, there are many options out there for having your board match your style.

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