G3/G3+ Maintenance

The Backfire G3 and G3+ comes with hobbywing hub motors. At some point, you will need to swap out the PU sleeves. Our factory made a quick demo video to show you how to change the sleeves below.  Daniel Kwan made a great video below addressing how to do this with this type of motor. If the inner motor cover comes off with the sleeve don't panic you can slot it back on.

If you ever need to swap out an entire motor here is a guide on how to do so. Please remember to turn the board off before doing this. This guide is for the Mini but the motor is the same. If you have a model that does not use the new MR30 Plus (boards made before June 2020) you will need to unscrew the ESC case and unplug the motor from the inside. If you have a newer model with the MR30 plug you can simply unscrew the trucks and unplug where the motor cable connects next to the trucks.

For more general electric skateboard maintenance check out Daniel Kwan's video for how to take care of your board. Remember to regularly inspect all screws on your board and tighten them as necessary.

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  • Jeffrey

    I thought I saw something about regular maintenance after so many hours somewhere, but I have looked in the manual and now here on the web site and I can’t find anything. Can you please advise if there is some normal maintenance I need to do on my daughters G2 Black?

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