G2T Vs. Ranger X1: Which is best for you?

The G2T and the Ranger X1 are our top of the line boards. They are the best of the best that we offer so which one is best for you?


The G2T is best for users who have smooth or slightly rough streets and sidewalks to ride on. The 96mm wheels offer extra cushion for sidewalks and slightly rough roads you can really feel the difference. The large wheels also offer a higher top speed at the expense of some torque. The 83mm wheels are for if you have smooth roads, these offer an amazing takeoff and torque compared to the 96mm wheels but are best ridden on smooth roads or sidewalks.

The G2T is best for the city rider who has access to smooth streets and sidewalks to ride on every day. It is also our best commuter board as it is light and easy to carry inside without being a burden. 

Ranger X1 

The Ranger X1 is our All Terrain monster. This is made to go anywhere you want from smooth pavement to the mountain trails. This board is for those of you that want to go far and not be limited by roads. If you want to see this board in action check out Daniel Kwan and Max Huang explore the Hexi Corridor better known as the silk road here.

The Ranger X1 is best for the adventurer, the person who does not want to be limited to short range and roads. This is also great for people who live in cities with rough roads. It is heavier than the G2T but it can be drug behind you like luggage making it easy to pick it up and take it with you. 


Both boards have their place but you can't go wrong with either of them!

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  • Tuncer

    I would choose ranger x1. It has negative sides like to heavy but you could hold on truck and roll it and doesnt matter how tall you are because wheels are big enough to not let the board hit the ground.
    smoth 5/5
    Comfort 5/5
    Breaking system 5/5
    Speed 5/5
    Vibration redcuser 5/5 compare to g2t.
    Ride where the hell you want and feel.
    Waterproof atleast could use it at rain with out worrying..
    Range 4/5 cuz its heavy the range slightly go down if you have few uphills.
    When breaking ur charging downhills and u can see few times it goes up 1 bar.
    Overall 4,8/5.

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