BackfireBoards Prepares for Release of the Much Anticipated Backfire Zealot and Ranger X3 All Terrain Skateboard

BackfireBoards has hinted at the upcoming release of their Backfire Zealot Belt Driven board sometime in April, with the Ranger X3 probably scheduled for June or July.

GLEN ALLEN, VA / ACCESSWIRE / April 3, 2020 / BackfireBoards USA has hinted at the release of their much-anticipated Backfire Zealot within the next few months, with the Ranger X3 following a couple of months later. While the company has yet to announce a specific date for the release, the company's spokesperson has said that at present, "this is all we can say."

Backfire Zealot

BackfireBoards has, in the past, been tight-lipped about most of their releases. However, this time around, some speculate that the reason for now providing a specific date for the release is the current global pandemic. The issue with procuring parts and launch ceremonies is another reason why the company may not want to commit to a specific date. That's why it is hard to say for sure if that's when people will get to see the new boards in action.

While there is no info yet for Ranger X3, more information about Ranger X2 (current version before X3) can be found at

"We have been getting emails from many people who are interested in buying the Ranger X3 or want to know when the next Backfire Zealot will be launched. While we can't reveal exactly when these boards will launch, we can tell you that it will be soon. You can expect the Backfire Zealot to launch sometime around April 2020, followed by the Ranger X3 somewhere around July 2020. We intend on announcing exact dates weeks before the intended launch." Said a spokesperson for BackfireBoards USA.

He went on to say, "One of the things we will assure buyers off is the fact that the latest models will offer more features and will be better than what many people use currently. We are making many improvements to the board as we always have since our company launched back in 2009."

Backfire Skateboards made their first electric skateboard G1 in 2013, with the highly successful G2 being introduced in 2017, then G3 being introduced in 2019. Backfire products were sold in America, Europe, and Asia; total about 60 different countries. Each subsequent model has bought significant improvement to design, stability, and battery life. All of this has fans of the brand waiting impatiently for the upcoming releases.

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