11/19 - Update on Shipping of Ranger

Hi All

Thanks for your patience as always. I thought I would have a break for a week since China sent out the packages, while containers are the on the way to Germany and USA. I hoped so.  But things happen: As I checked back last Wednesday and got the feedback the packages were all stuck in Hong Kong airport, some were still in Shenzhen warehouse for that same reason. I like to prepare an update with clear information rather than an issue but also answers to that:

1. Small packages to other countries: the hold at Hong Kong have been released since last Saturday, packages are moving now. Tracking numbers are feedback via email manually, please allow few days from China team.  If you do not see an email by end of this week, Please email Adi@helloskate.com  and copy Rony@helloskate.com.

2. USA container: The ETA to the LA port should be around Nov. 28th, adding one week for the customs clearance and pulling the container from the port to the warehouse if everything is smooth.  Shipping domestically in USA via FedEx Home delivery takes 2 to 5 business days.   ETA to your door would be around Dec. 14th.  Tracking numbers could be provided via email first week of Dec.

3. Germany container:  ETA to Koper Port is Nov.19th, customs clearance which is estimated to be done around Nov. 29th, delivery will be arrange to Germany warehouse after that first week of Dec.  DHL (mostly like) tracking number will be provided from Germany warehouse after that.


Q: Is my order covered in the container or the small package batch?

A: All customers are covered including from Indiegogo and our website if you ordered before Nov. 1st.  Your ETA is listed above, which is likely around Dec. 14th if customs clearance is smooth.

Q: If I order board now / today, when can I expect the delivery?

People who order the board after Nov. 1st till today Nov. 19th, who also paid for the board at the price $899 or higher, we will have the production ready before or by end of Nov.  We will send out the board to you via small packages, so you will have very high chance to receive them before Christmas. (Again, we still bear the risk of customs hold, which is random and isolated case, totally out of our control)  

The following batch is limited to 200 boards only, we expect to be sold out around Dec. 7th or so.   Customer who place the order after Dec. 7th, we will not be able to make the delivery before Christmas due to the international transit time.



Jerry & 

Backfire Team

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