G2 Rear Hub Motor Truck
G2 Rear Hub Motor Truck
ERA 2 & Mini Front Truck
Caliber II Rear Hub Motor Truck
Caliber II Front Truck
Caliber III Truck
Caliber III Truck
Caliber III Truck
ERA 8 inch Truck
Backfire ERA Truck

Trucks for Backfire Longboard and Electric Skateboard

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These are replacement Trucks for Backfire Boards for each specific model. 

Some trucks are compatible cross different models, please read the options carefully to select the right model. 

Feel free to reach out to our tech support if you have any questions about the replacement parts. 

For other trucks for zealot series,you can find them on the product page here : accessories and wheels for zealot series 

Caliber III Rake TruckCaliber II Truck

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