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5.2AH 187Wh 10S2P Battery for G2 Black

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  • Smart BMS reduces self power consumption
  • Capacity: 5.2Ah , 36V, 187Wh
  • Charger Input: 42V

Note: This battery work for all previous G2 series, but does not fit G2 Black 2023 (the newest version

Summary of Specs of the 5.2Ah 187wh Battery:

  • Upgraded battery for G2 Black and previous G2 serials (Please note, this battery does NOT fit G2 black 2023 deck due to different screw holes
  • Smart BMS reduces self power consumption
  • 5.2Ah , 36V, 187Wh
  • Each cell is protected by a special bracket, and protects the battery from vibrations on the road.
  • Dimension of the battery itself: 5.8 inch * 4.0 inch * 1.7 inch 
  • Enclosure size:  10.7 inch * 7.4 inch * 2 inch
  • Screws are not included


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