Backfire Battery Case / Enclosure
Backfire Battery Enclosure / Case
Battery Enclosure & charging port for Backfire Electric Skateboards
Backfire Old Charging Port
Backfire Charging Port

Battery Enclosure & charging port for Backfire Electric Skateboards

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The enclosures are special designed for Backfire Electric Longboard which match with the screw holes in the deck of specific models such as : G2/G2S/G2T/G2 black 2020 and Galaxy,  and for Ranger X1 & Ranger X2.  

Disclaimer: since June 2020, we have updated the charging port cable connecting to the battery. Please check your style clearly before purchasing and select the correct one based on the images below. If you are not sure which style you have still, please check with our support and show the picture of your cable type before making a purchase for your replacement. 

The dimensions for the enclosures (for DIY purposes):

  • Enclosure size for G2T, G2 black and Galaxy:  10.7 inch * 7.4 inch * 2 inch
  • Enclosure size for Ranger X1 & X2 : 10.8 inch * 7.7 inch * 2 inch


Backfire Charging Port
Backfire New Charging Port