Backfire 50.4v 2.5A Battery Charger

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  • Battery charger for Backfire Ranger X2, Mini, G3& G3 Plus, Zealot, Zealot S and Ranger X3 which has 12s batteries.
  • Input:100- 240V
  • Output: 50.4V, 2.5A
  • This charger does NOT work on Ranger X1, or other G2 products which has lower voltage battery, using the wrong charger could cause damages to battery and have risk of fire. 
  • The Red light on the charger indicate charging, Green light indicate fully charged if connected, or disconnected. 
  • The charger is safely tested and to be able use under 167F degree.  It might feel hot during charging, but it is safe as long as below 167F degree.