Remote controller for Backfire G2 BLACK

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Hobbywing remote for Backfire boards: compatible with G2 black and previous G2 models. 
  • 2.4G Radio
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 2 Speed Mode
  • Digit screen

FAQ for the remote:

Q: How to pair the new remote to the board? 

Press and hold the power button on the board until you see it flashing quickly, press and hold the power button on the remote, after about 5 seconds, the remote will pair to the board. 

Q: How to change the speed mode on the remote?

Press the speed mode button on the remote(beside the power button): the digit screen will show Eco mode or Sport mode. 

Q: How to change to reverse mode?

Double click on the speed mode button the remote, it will change from forward to backward, double click again, it will change to forward mode.  

Q: Which models can the remote pair to?

  • G2s from 2018
  • G2 2019
  • G2T ( but no turbo button)
  • G2 black
  • Other brands with hobbywing esc in the markets, but the speed modes and setting might be slightly different
  • It does NOT pair to the original G2 back in 2017

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