Why is Backfire G2s one of the best Budget Electric Skateboards? The Design

BACKFIRE is a company with a quite long history of making skateboards, from 2009, we started to make skateboards, at that time, we did OEM for many large skateboard brands all over the world, that's when backfire learnt our first lesson of making skateboards. In the past decade, BACKFIRE has grown up to be a very experienced skateboard manufacturer, we also established our own brand BACKFIRE. 

The first impression of G2s for many of our customers, is that it feels so good, so natural, just like an ordinary non-electric longboard! We owe that to Backfire G2s' unique design, lets go through this together:

The Design of Deck

Deck is an essential part of a skateboard, it is so important, it must be specially designed and crafted. When we are designing G2s' deck, first of all, we want it to have an elliptical concave, so the surface of the board is not plain flat, this concave design gives your feet extra support during riding, makes it much easier to control the board. Since the concave is not obvious, many people doesn't notice it until being told. Compared to many boards with a flat deck surface, a board with concave deck design will generally gives you much better riding experience.

Also, we make G2s' deck a cambered deck, this means the deck will have an arc shape, together with the deck's flexible wood material, this cambered deck can absorb shocking during your riding. This is especially important during long time riding, because less shocking, less fatigue. Though we have a flexible deck, we carefully make it not too soft, so that it will maintain its shape in most times, only bounce back and forth when necessary, like when you jump on it or when you riding through obstacles. After make skateboards for so many years, we know that you can't make a good electric skateboard without making a good deck, and we know how difficult it is to do it right, that's why we spend a lot time and energy on G2s' deck design.

Low Center of Gravity Design

Inspired by sport cars, Galaxy G2s is designed to have a low center of gravity(110mm with 80mm wheels), this provides extra stability, especially during high speed riding, even at the of 38km/h, the board is still very stable. Unlike many skateboards in the market, we take riding experience first, we believe that in most cases, a low center of gravity design will give you better riding experience, that's why we insist on using 80mm wheels by default(we also provide free 96mm wheels for G2s now, in case you really need it). 

Unique Hub Motor Design

As we all know, BACKFIRE use hub motors. But these are not ordinary hub motors, these motors are specially customized for G2s. You can easily tell that by look at it. We make it thinner but longer than normal hub motors, this makes it possible to have a low center of gravity design, without sacrificing power. The tires and the motors are independently replaceable, which makes repairing much easier and less expensive. Also, we have both 80mm tires and 96mm tires for the motor, you could choose between the two.

50:50 Balanced Center of Mass Design

This is another design feature of G2s that is usually overlooked by most people. To give G2s a perfect center of mass, the front part of G2s and rear part of G2s are designed to be same weight. This is very useful when you are carving or doing some special maneuvers like sliding or shifting. It also makes turning much smother.

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