Review: Backfire Hammer all-terrain electric skateboard is a beast

 Scooter Doll  - Oct. 15th 2021 7:55 am PT

I’m admittedly only a couple years into the world of electric skateboards, immersing myself in the technology after seeing people zoom by me on the strand in the South Bay of Los Angeles. One name that continually came up has been Backfire Skateboards, which just recently unveiled its Hammer all-terrain electric board, and I got the opportunity to test it out for you.

While I was a bit timid (and truthfully terrified) by the near 30 mph top speed of this skateboard, I quickly fell in love with the Hammer’s performance and smooth ride through everything I threw at it… and I mean everything. You’re going to want to check the Backfire Hammer out ASAP, because this thing cooks.

Backfire Hammer

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  • Check out the Backfire Hammer for yourself

Backfire Hammer all-terrain electric skateboard

The Hammer is a fitting name for the most powerful electric skateboard Backfire has launched to date. Brandishing a flexible battery pack and ultra-high torque dual motors, the Hammer makes a powerful impact on any terrain whether its road, grass, or dirt.

Starting at $1,399, the Hammer sits as a top-tier offering from Backfire, and for good reason once you can see what it can do.

That’s not all either: Backfire currently offers two unique upgrade packages to the Hammer that you’ll definitely want to consider to get the full experience. This includes features like front lights, mudguards, and even a spoiler. Yes, a spoiler!

Now you can cruise around with your deck’s tail end grounded while you test out the torque the Hammer’s dual motors provide… oh and they house two flashing taillights as well, for any night rides.

Let’s dig into the specs first.

Backfire Hammer

Technical specs

To begin, let’s start out with the stats on this bad boy. At just under 30 lbs, this skateboard is the heaviest of Backfire’s other offerings, but it’s still manageable for the additional battery power and top speed it’s sure to deliver each ride.

Furthermore, the flexible 518 Wh battery provides added range… as long as you’re not ripping through terrain on Turbo Mode the whole time (more on that later).

    • Deck Dimensions: 1041 mm x 243 mm (~41″ x 9.6″)
    • Motors: 2 x 1600W ultra-high power, ultra-high torque 6370 Motors (brushless direct current)
    • Tires: 6″ (160mm) Pneumatic Tires and aluminum alloy hubs
    • Trucks: 10 Inch Front & Back Double Kingpin Trucks
    • Battery: 50.4 V (518Wh)
    • Transmission: Synchronous belt drive
    • Range: 18-22 miles (30-38 km)
    • Top speed: 29 mph (48 km/h)
    • Max hill climb gradient: 30%
    • Max load: 240 lb (110 kg)
    • Weight: 29.7 lb (13.5 kg)
    • Charge time: 3.5 hours (4A charger)
    • Weight: 60 grams
    • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium
    • Charging port: USB-C
    • Charge time: 30 mins
    • Wireless connection: 2.4 GHz
    • Input: AC 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz / 3.0A max
    • Output: 50.4 V / 4A
Backfire Hammer


As you’ll see in the video review, I put the Backfire Hammer through all the different terrain I could find, and those 6″ pneumatic tires cruised right through it.

Through all my rides, I only had to hop off twice – once in a sinking patch of grass in a puddle, and once in a spot of particularly loose soil while I was riding up a mulched path.

Where the 2 x 1600 watt ultra-high motors really shine, however, is on smooth straightaways and huge inclines. Turbo mode can deliver up to 29 mph (48 km/h) of speed, which is freaky fast if you’ve ever ridden on an electric skateboard.

If Turbo mode is too intimidating at first, you can work your way up to it like I did using the Hammer’s other two ride modes on the remote. Economic mode limits your top speed to 12.4 mph (20 km/h), and Sport mode can go as high as 23.5 mph (38 km/h).

Backfire Hammer

As I showcase in the video, the Hammer dominated long, steep hills around town with zero issues, despite Backfire listing its incline capabilities to 30 degrees. As you’ll see in the video, my buddy filming me couldn’t even keep up on his electric bike. This electric all-terrain skateboard GOES.

I found the range of 18-22 miles (30-38 km) more than sufficient, especially since I spent most of my time in Sport mode. When the board did eventually run out of juice, the 4A charger got me out blazing trails again in less than four hours.

I found myself charging the remote more often than the board itself, simply because it was so easy to plug into a USB port. With a charge time of 0-100% in 30 minutes, the remote is super easy to top off with a charge before you head out.

Backfire Hammer video review

Describing the Hammer and relaying the specs is one thing, but you really can’t grasp how powerful this electric skateboard is until you see the video footage.

Check out my review below:


Check out the Backfire Hammer for yourself

Think you can wield this Hammer? I definitely recommend it to those who have experience on electric skateboards and are looking for top-tier, all-terrain speed, and performance.

You can purchase a Hammer of your own through Backfire’s website, and don’t forget to use promo code HAMMER200 for $200 off any package you choose!

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