Backfire Hub Motor V2 Mr30
Backfire Hub Motor V2 Mr30
Backfire Hub Motor Mr30

350w Hub Motors For Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard

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Disclaimer:  These 350w hub Motors fit Backfire G2 Black before June 2020 (which is different from previous G2 2017, G2S 2018, G2 2019 or G2T motors).  After June 2020, our company has updated the cables on motors and Esc to 9 Pin cables. Please make sure you check the cable type before make a purchase. Feel free to reach out to our tech support if you are not sure. 

Power system:
10s2p or 10s4p Batteries with 36v to 42v input. 

Connectors:  MR30 plug and 6 color hall line

What is included in the package:
Single Motor Option:
  • One Single motor as showing in the photo with MR30 plug, Back Truck, wheel sleeve or bolts are NOT included