About the Backfire Products:

  • What is the Backfire G2s Used for?  Economy and fast way to cut the traffic, travel from point A to point B.  Pure fun and enjoyment.
  • How far can I go before recharging the battery? 20Km(12 Miles) Maximum Range. Test condition: 75Kg (165 lbs.) rider , 30Km per hour average speed, on flat and smooth road.
  • How long to fully charge the battery? 3 hours
  • What are the dimensions and weight? The deck size is 37.5 Inch by 8.25 inch.   Total weight for the board is 14.5lbs or 6.5Kg
  • What kind of braking system do Backfire boards have? Backfire G2s feature hub motors with regenerative braking. While traveling downhill and braking, you'll get some energy back into the battery.
  • What is the maximum weight of user can the board load?   260 lbs. (However, please do not try to jump on the board or break it with additional strength).  
  • Is it water resistant? Backfire's IP55 water resistant rating enable riders to use the board in some conditions like after rain on the wet ground. You cannot use the board during the heavy rain or sink the board into the water.  Even though, we recommend you maintain the board in good dry condition always, which will extend the life of it much longer. 
  • Where is it manufactured?  China
  • What are the recommend ages? We recommend the user's age to be 14 years and up. Children under 14 years needs to be under the Adult's supervision.  Please make sure you always wear a helmet and your personal protective gear just in case. Do not ride the board out of your skills and always care about your surroundings.

About shipping:

When USA warehouse or Germany warehouse is out of stock, the order will be shipped from China to you.

  • What is the shipping time?   When the order ships from China, it takes about 7 to 20 days depending on the different countries you are in.The International logistic steps for Shipping from China include:
  1. Backfire send the packages from our factory to forwarder’s warehouse in Shenzhen.  (within 48 hours after we receive the order exclude weekends)
  2. Forwarder sends the packages to Hong Kong airport.  ( After 3 to 4 days of the order date)
  3. Forwarder book the air cargo plane to send them out to United States or other countries.  ( After 4 to 5 days of the order date)
  4. The packages will get into the destination countries customs for clearance.  (After 5 to 7 days of order date, or additional 2 to 7 days added to it  happens if customs hold)
  5. Once the customs clearance is done, packages will be sent to the FedEx or UPS sorting hub for domestic delivery. ( After 6 to 8 days of order date)
  6. From this point , you will be able to track the package on carrier ’s (FedEx or UPS) website.  The domestic transit time is normally 2 to 5 business days. ( You will receive it after 8 to 14 days after the order date)

Customs hold is totally random and out of our control, which is not part of the delivery commitment Backfire can give in any conditions if it happens. Backfire will select the best partners/carriers to work with to reduce the risk and chances of delay. 

When we have stock in California warehouse, We will ship via UPS or FedEx Ground and Home delivery service domestically in USA.  the transit time is generally 3 to 5 business days.

Germany warehouse is currently out of stock until Dec. 10th 2018

  • How much is shipping? Please see the shipping at the checkout page based on your country.  Some countries are free of shipping, and some countries require a shipping fee.
  • Do I have to pay VAT / GST to Europe? No, it is included in the price and shipping total if you buy the board. 

More details, please check our shipping instruction page. https://www.backfireboards.com/shipping

Return and Warranty Policy:

  • What is your return policy? We only accept return within 7 days under the Brand New condition with all accessories in the original package,  customer needs to pay for return shipping cost to our closest facility advised by our support team. Company will provide a refund for the Product(s) not including any shipping charges. Follow below steps to return the Product(s) purchased through our Website within seven (7) days of the date that we deliver the applicable Product (s):
  • Contact our Support team ( In China or U.S.) to initiate the return process and obtain authorization to submit the Products for return.
  • Create a shipping label addressed to “Backfire Returns”.
  • Pack the Products in the original packaging to ensure the Products will be returned without damage.
  • Once the package is received by us and confirmed in brand new condition, we will issue the refund less the shipping charge in Three (3) business days with an email confirmation.
  • What is the refund policy?  We do NOT refund once board is shipped except the return as brand new condition within 7 days. Customer has to pay for the return shipping cost. No shipping fee will be refunded.
  • What is the warranty? We offer 6 months (180 days) warranty on parts from the date when you receive the board. If a defect arises during the Warranty Period, Company will, at is options: 1). Send the new parts to replace the defect parts.  Most of the parts are fairly easy to be replaced with our design with our YouTube video instructions.  2). exchange the affected Products with functionally equivalent Products that are new or formed from new and/or previously used parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability. This warranty excludes normal depletion of consumable parts (grip tape, wheels & bearings) unless due to a defect in materials or workmanship, and damage resulting from abuse, accident, modifications, unauthorized repairs, neglect, abuse, water damage, or other causes that are not defects in materials and workmanship.

For warranty repairs in United States, here are the processes :

  1. Contact our Support team to Tech@helloskate.com to provide your order No and detail information of the defectiveness, some photos or a short 15 seconds video will be helpful.  A pre-paid return label will be provided to you via email once the case of warranty is confirmed.
  2. Pack the Products in original packaging or mail in a sturdy box to ensure the Products will be returned without damage.
  3. Once the Products are received and fixed, you will receive an email detailing the warranty service along with the return shipment’s tracking number.

Risks and Challenges

Please make sure you always wear a helmet and your personal protective gear just in case. Please make sure you get used to the board before you speed up. Do not ride the board out of your skills and always care about your surroundings.


  1. Be sure to wear professional skateboard protective gears and skateboard helmet when using this electric skateboard.
  2. There are risks of serious or fatal injury from collision, loss of control and unexpected falls while using this electric skateboard. It is your sole responsibility to learn safely ride this electric skateboard to reduce the risks: please read our user’s manual carefully and learn how to turn, accelerate and brake this electric skateboard. Backfire recommends you start with the beginner’s (low speed) mode first before using the sports (high speed) mode. Please use this electric skateboard reasonably within the control of your own abilities. Do not use this electric skateboard on dangerous road sections or big downhills. Do not use this electric skateboard in the night or poor visibility environment to avoid accidents. Backfire will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by user in accidents.
  3. Children under 14 years old must use this electric skateboard under adult’s supervision; or please place the product where children can't reach.
  4. Please abide by local traffic regulations and laws to ride this electric skateboard; please respect other drivers and pedestrians on the road.
  5. Please do frequent maintenance checks: before riding make sure screws are tight and wheels are in good conditions.
  6. Please do not open the battery or controller cases without the direction from Backfire tech support, please do not modify the wiring or controller, please do not install the electric parts from other supplier to Backfire electric skateboard, which will terminate the warranty immediately.

Please check your local legal requirement of the electric vehicles and electric skateboards before you use it, the lows and regulations vary by countries, states or counties.