G3 Hub motors
Hub Motors for Backfire G3
Backfire Hub Motor
Backfire Hub motor for G3 with MR30 plug
Backfire Hub motor for G3 with MR30 plug
G3 Motor Kit
Mini Motor Kit

450w Hub Motors For Backfire G3 or Mini

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These 450w generation three motors are working perfectly with smooth speed and brake control, special programmed for Backfire G3 and Mini electric skateboards. 

Power system :

They fit Backfire Mini and G3 models, working under the 12s1p or 12s2p power system with 50.4v input. 

Connectors: MR30 plug are for V2 motors before June 2020.  After June 2020, we updated from Mr30 plug to 9 pin plugs for Motors and Esc as the V3.  

Mini Motors and Esc remains using MR30 plugs.  However, after Sept. 29 2020, Mini motor and esc have also been upgraded from V2 to V3 with MR30 plugs.

The Back motor set include:

  • 1 Back Truck set
  • Two 450w motors with back wheel sleeves installed

The single motor without sleeve include:

  • 1 single motor without sleeve, screws or hardware. 
Backfire Mini
Backfire G3

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