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Backfire longboard deck with wire installed for G2 Black/G2S/G2T/ Galaxy

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These longboard decks are special designed for Backfire Electric Longboard with wires pre-installed. The bottom color might not be always available in particular color : Red (G2),  Purple ( G2S) , Gold( G2T), Black (G2 black).  We have limited stocks for G2T decks in stock and more incoming stocks are for G2 black and the Galaxy 2020. 

Since June 2020, we have upgraded the deck for G2 black and Galaxy board in new dimensions: 38 inch *9 inch.   The new Esc enclosure rubber pad is slightly different from the previous version. Customers who own old version G2, G2s, G2 2019, and G2T could still get the new deck. The screw pattern matches with original battery enclosure and ESC enclosure, wires are pre-installed with XT60 plug. 


  • Material:  Maple Wood
  • Dimensions:  38 inch *9 inch
  • Wire Plug: XT60

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