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Backfire Zealot on Grip tape side with Backfire logo in pink
Backfire Zealot on street side showing the trucks, electronics, and motors.
Backfire Zealot with Bamboo Deck
Backfire Zealot
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Backfire Zealot with Composite Deck
Backfire Zealot with New Composite Deck
Backfire Zealot with New Deck
Backfire Zealot & Zealot S Belt Drive Electric Skateboard ($200 Off Code: ZEALOT200)
Backfire Zealot & Zealot S Belt Drive Electric Skateboard ($200 Off Code: ZEALOT200)
Backfire Zealot & Zealot S Belt Drive Electric Skateboard ($200 Off Code: ZEALOT200)
Backfire Zealot & Zealot S Belt Drive Electric Skateboard ($200 Off Code: ZEALOT200)

Backfire Zealot & Zealot S Belt Drive Electric Skateboard ($200 Off Code: ZEALOT200)

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zealot s vs zealot

High-Performance Electric Skateboards!

Zealot S



The Structure of the Zealot S battery still uses 12S2P, the same as in the G3 and G3 Plus. This kind of battery is 50.4 volts, the higher the voltage the higher the efficiency!

This board also uses 21700 4000mah battery cells, with a single battery cell discharge capacity of 30A. Because it is 2P, the extra battery cluster has a discharge capacity of 60A, which can keep the board riding at high speeds or during long hill climbing endurance.

875*2 Belt Drive Motors 

The Zealot S also utilizes a higher-powered motor than the Zealot. Upgraded from the original 750W to 875W, increasing the torque by 16%!
You can clearly see the larger motor size of the S below.

ABS Glass Fiber Composite Deck

The deck is also upgraded from a bamboo glass fiber composite board to an ABS glass fiber composite board, which will never break, despite its amazing flexibility.


Backfire G3

311Wh Super Large Battery

The Zealot is equipped with a 311wh super large battery that can give you 28-36km / 17.5-22miles in range.

Backfire G3

Bamboo and Fiber Glass Deck

The deck is made of bamboo and fiberglass composite material, which provides you with excellent flexibility while ensuring absolute sturdiness, thus greatly reducing vibrations.

It has a deep concave design, to hold your feet in place, this translates to a very precise turning ability during your ride, which is also a special feature of Backfire, a vintage electric skateboard brand.

Front Caliber II Truck & 96mm Wheels

The front truck is still the world's leading brand for longboard trucks, Caliber, and the rear truck, developed by Backfire itself, both of which are pitched at an optimum 50 degrees.

The 96mm diameter is the best diameter for the wheels of an electric skateboard. It is neither too small to drive in poor road conditions nor too large to cause to high center of gravity, which is the best all-round choice for handling and comfort. This great combination of wheels with a highly flexible board, make your long-distance riding very comfortable.

CaliberII Trucks

105mm Wheels Jointly Developed By Backfire & Cloudwheels

This 105mm wheels jointly developed by Backfire and Cloud wheels Available Now.

Electronic Components


R3 Wireless Remote with OLED Display

Backfire exclusive R3 wireless remote, OLED display, live status, change settings.

USB Charging
  • E Mode: Suitable for beginners. Acceleration and braking are smooth. The highest speed is only 20km/h.
  • S Mode: Suitable for a daily commute. Acceleration and braking are much stronger. The highest speed is 38km/h
  • Turbo Mode: We generally do not recommend you using this mode. When the Turbo mode is turned on, if you push the throttle fully, the whole person feels like being ejected. It is suitable for you to overtake on the road and compete with your friends. The maximum speed can reach 46km/h or 28.5MPH, but this mode consumes a lot of power. If you ride in this mode, you can only get 60% range. Of course, this Turbo mode does not have a 30 seconds speed limit.
  • Fixed Speed Cruise Mode: When the scroll wheel is pushed, click the power switch on the remote control, when the circle on the screen becomes a square, release the power switch to enter the fixed speed cruise mode (Fixed speed cruise mode can't be turned on in Turbo mode.)
  • Turning On/Off the LED Ambient Lights: You can choose to turn off the ambient lights in Turbo mode for all new Backfire boards. Double click the power button on the remote to turn on the breathing mode, then flash mode while switching to Turbo mode. Double click the power button on remote again to turn off the ambient lights. Then there will be no ambient lights in S and T mode.


Deep Concave

 Water Resistance


  • Range: 28-36km / 17.5-22miles (80kg rider S mode 30km/h speed flat road)
  • Top Speed: 46KPH / 28.5MPH For Zealot;  48KPH/30 MPH For Zealot S
  • Battery: 50.4V 311Wh for Zealot; 50.4v 346Wh for Zealot S
  • Motors: 2 x 750w Motors for Zealot; 2x 850w Motors For Zealot S
  • Deck: Flexible Bamboo for Zealot; Composite Deck for Zealot S 
  • Wheels: 96mm Replaceable
  • Trucks: Front Caliber II for Zealot;  8 Inch Trucks for Zealot S
  • Lights: LED Ambient Light: White for Zealot; Purple for Zealot S  
  • System: 12S High Voltage and High-Efficiency Electronic System with 21700 Battery Cells

Disclaimer: Water Resistant Only, Not Waterproof! Do not ride in wet conditions, water damage is not covered under warranty and a damaged battery could cause fire risk!

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