Backfire Galaxy Electric Skateboard
Backfire Galaxy Electric Skateboard
Backfire Galaxy Electric Skateboard
Backfire Galaxy Electric Skateboard

Backfire Galaxy Electric Skateboard

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This is not the G2T, but was born from the G2T! 

What are the differences:

1. The motors have been changed. The motors in the Galaxy are the Hobbywing 400w  V3 motors. While the G2T motors were sourced from another supplier. 

2. The Motor and ESC wires are changed from MR30 plugs (In G2T)  to 9 pin cables (New Galaxy). More details could be seen from this blog

3. The battery has been changed by adding one more water-resistant inner case, and the charging cable that connects to the battery enclosure has been changed for better water-resistance. More details are in this blog

4. There is no longer a 30 seconds limit on turbo, it is now unlimited (still requires the battery to be above 50% to engage), it has a top speed of 40KPH or 25MPH. 

5. The front truck is the MD truck the same as the G2 black, NOT Caliber II trucks from the G2T.  

What is the same as the G2T?

1. Same Battery cells: 36V 6.0Ah with Sony VCT6 Cells (since Jan. 2020, we upgraded from Samsung 30Q to Sony VCT6)

2. Same maple deck, same size, and same galaxy grip tape

3. Same Performance, but slightly improved on turbo


With a unique design of Backfire Galaxy Electric Skateboard, every aspect of the design and manufacturing process has been thoroughly thought out. Below you’ll find the design features that we made sure to incorporate, the impeccable upgraded power system, and more specifications on our Backfire Galaxy Electric Skateboard, also known as the Backfire Galaxy. This will be the only galaxy version board we offer now. 
Essential Design Features:
  • A flexible curve with a Maple deck
  • Low Center of Gravity design

Power System

  • Advanced smart battery technology
  • New controllers’ module
  • R2 Wireless remote with OLED display
  • New Turbo mode added, 20% acceleration (No 30 seconds limit, top speed at 40KPH or 25Mph

Galaxy Specs

Deck Grip Styles Galaxy Style
Wheels  Four 96mm wheels
PU Tire Hardness 83A SHRAA
Truck MD 7 inch truck 50-DEGREE
Motors Two 400W In-Hub Motors (Same as G2 black Motors)
Battery 36V 6.0Ah with Sony VCT6 Cells (with Upgrade water-resistant wire plug) 
Range 10 miles to 14.9miles of 24km2
Top Speed 23.5mph or 38kph (25mph with turbo)
Hill Climbing Up to 25%
Weight 15.4 lbs or 7KG
Dimensions 38*9inch (96.5*23cm)
Charging Time 2.5 hours  (With 42v, 2.5A Charger)
  1. The actual range depends on many factors (rider's weight, average riding speed, road condition, and wind speed, etc), the range declared here is under the conditions: 75Kg(165 lbs) rider's weight, Eco mode, consistent ride without often breaks, gentle breeze and flat smooth road.
  2. The user's manual was not printed in the box, we provide the e-manual for downloading on our website

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