Backfire Ranger X2
Backfire Ranger X2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard
Backfire Ranger X2 Electric Skateboard
Backfire Ranger X2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard
Backfire Ranger X2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Backfire Ranger X2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

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Super Flexible Drop Down Deck

The Ranger X2 deck is specially designed with a drop-down shape and super flexibility, which provides extra support for your control and brings unprecedented comfort to your riding.

Ranger X2
Ranger X2 Features

Front & Back Double Kingpin Trucks

The Ranger X2 is equipped with front and back double kingpin trucks, with a minimum turning radius of only 2 meters.

Ranger X2

6.5″ Replaceable Rubber Wheels

The Ranger X2 comes with large 6.5 inch wheels. Unlike traditional PU tires used on many boards, these special rubber tires will greatly improve friction and reduce vibration during riding.

Ranger X2

Fully Sealed 1200W * 2 Ultra-High Torque Hub Motors

The Ranger X2 is equipped with two 1200W ultra-high torque motors that are fully sealed to prevent sediment like water, dust, sand, and gravel from entering the motors while traveling in the field.


12S High-Efficiency Electronic System

The Ranger X2 battery system is different from most boards on the market with higher efficiency, 50.4V high voltage, low current, and longer battery life.

Ranger X2

R2x Wireless Remote with OLED Display

Backfire exclusive R2x wireless remote, OLED display, live status, change settings.

USB Charging

The R2x wireless remote control has a Turbo key that is pressed to gain 20% extra power during acceleration.


  • Fixed speed road cruise
  • Eco mode, Sport Mode, Turbo Mode
  • Board status display: mode, speed, range, battery, connection, odometer
  • Speed and range unit setting: miles or kilometers
  • Wheel diameter setting: 83mm, 96mm or 165mm
  • Backfire Exclusive


Deep Concave


Flexible Deck


Replaceable Wheels


Water Resistance



  • Range: 24-30km / 15-18.5miles (Range could vary by many different factors, this was based 165 lbs rider, flat road)
  • Speed: 35KM/h / 22MPH
  • Battery: 50.4V 454Wh
  • Motors: 1200W X2 Ultra-High Power Ultra-High Torque Hub Motors
  • Deck: Flexible Drop Down Deck
  • Wheels: 165mm / 6.5 Inch Thickening Honeycomb Airless Rubber Tires
  • Trucks: Front & Back Double Kingpin Trucks
  • System: 12S High Voltage and High-Efficiency Electronic System


Disclaimer: Water Resistant Only, Not Waterproof! Do not ride in wet conditions, water damage is not covered under warranty and a damaged battery could cause fire risk!

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