Winter is here

Winter is here and for many of us, that means cold temperatures and even snow for the next couple of months. So what can we do to be comfortable riding in the cold weather or store our board away for the winter because of snow?

Well for the weather it's best to bundle up in layers and wear gloves that can allow you to use the throttle safely. You can also look into getting a mask of sorts to cover your face and some fog-proof glasses/goggles but the best and safest option is typically a full-face helmet. Riding in the cold is not bad once you get used to it but you need to be prepared for the decrease of range. Batteries do not like performing well in the cold and ESK8 batteries are no different. Based on how cold it is and your weight you can have some significant range decrease and may need to plan accordingly. 

If you need to store away your board for the winter because of heavy snow or salty roads here are some tips. Our battery BMS has a program to drain the battery very slowly, even it is not used or charged for 2 or 3 months. This will keep your battery in good condition it is also best to store your battery drained to about 60-70 percent. A battery at 100% charge for long periods of time can damage the longevity of a battery but the programming in the BMS should prevent this. Store your board in a dry environment away from anything that is flammable. You may also want to consider doing a deep clean on your board before you put it into storage cleaning dirt off the grip tape and wheels, cleaning the bearings and making sure everything is dry before putting it away for a long period of time.   

Stay warm out there everyone that is living in the colder climates and have a Happy New Year!

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