Shipping Update 7/17/2020


We are right on track; all Air shipping orders are shipped on time (Factory sends air shipping orders on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday consistently). Sea shipping orders for the Zealot was also sent and are on the way for both Europe and USA customers. In summary, we have caught up on Zealot production and we will continue making them and will restock the USA and EU warehouses by the end of August or September

G2 black

We are right on track. We have enough stock in the container to cover on hand sea shipping orders and for some future demand ETA 8/20 to EU warehouse and ETA 8/10, 8/20, and 8/30 to the USA( Yes, 3 separate containers).


We are slightly behind on G3 still to restock the local warehouse. However, All G3 previous orders are on track and will be sent. The container will be sent later this month out to EU and USA, ETA around the end of August or early September.


  • We are right on track with the Mini. We have a container of Minis on the way to the EU warehouse, ETA 8/10 to cover on hand orders and restock.
  • We have a container of the Mini on the way to the USA warehouse, ETA 7/30. The black grip version is already sold out. A limited golden dragon version is still available. Another container with Minis was sent out from China this week, ETA end of August.

G3 Plus

We have the G3 plus in the container to USA ETA 8/15, having limited stocks available. We do not have G3 plus on the way to the EU warehouse yet, so other countries will be sent from China.

Ranger X2

  • We have Ranger X2 in the container to USA eta 8/15, limited stocks available. 
  • We have Ranger X2 in the container to EU warehouse ETA 7/30, limited stock available.

Galaxy 2020 version

We have the Galaxy in the container to USA warehouse ETA 8/10. Limited stocks available


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