Shipping Update 1/20/2021

The G2 BLACK, G2 Galaxy, Non-electric Longboards ( galaxy and Panda) , helmets are back in stock in the USA warehouse now as of 1/20/2021. 

The G3 and Zealot (bamboo deck) are sold out in the USA warehouse and the container is at the California port. Unfortunately, US customs held the container to do exams and sample checking, this is a random selection by the government. We expect to receive them soon though per our forwarder. 

We hope to get everything cleared through customs and delivered to our warehouse next week and from there to your door as soon as we can.

Our apologies for this inconvenience.



  • Shan

    Do you wholesale? If…pls send me your price list for electric boards.

  • Sasuke

    Whats the estimated arrival time of the zealot to the cali warehouse?

  • Andrea

    How are the G3’s now? The website said they’d be shipped 1/26 but changed to 2/5. Are they still under inspection?

  • BackfireBoards USA

    G3 is at the California port still, but we expect to get them in later this week. thanks

  • Nicolas Keenan

    What about the G3? Has it hit the wear house yet? Thanks

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