Shipping Update 6/10/2020


If you ordered the Zealot via sea shipping since 4/25 and before 5/18

The USA container with an original ETA 6/10 is scheduled to our warehouse next week 6/15, we will send out the tracking numbers soon. The transit time from California to your door will be 2 to 5 business days next week.

If you ordered Zealot via air shipping, since 5/20

We apologize for the delay from our supplier, we will get the Zealot production started on Sunday and we also could ship Zealot via air from China next week. Transit time will be around 7 to 15 business days from China.

If you ordered Zealot via sea shipping after 5/20

You could contact us to upgrade the shipping or wait for the next container with an ETA around 7/10.

Ranger X2

  • We have a container with Ranger X2 on the way to the USA, ETA to the port is 7/10. People who ordered sea shipping earlier will get yours around 7/15. There are limited stocks inside still available to order now.
  • Air shipping for Ranger X2 from China will resume next week as well. Transit time will be around 7 to 15 business days from China.
  • If you got your tracking number already, please kindly wait for the package to pass through customs. 


  • We caught up on G3 shipping for previous air shipping and Sea shipping customers before the end of May. You should receive the tracking number soon.
  • People order G3 via sea shipping now have to wait till the end of July
  • Air shipping of G3 will resume from China next week.​

G2 Black

  • G2 black orders with ETA in May or 6/10 were all shipped so far with containers that arrived previously.
  • G2 black orders with ETA of 6/30 were sold out completely, but we expect a delay of shipping to 7/15. If you cannot wait, please reach out to to get it canceled and refunded.
  • New orders of G2 black will be around the end of July.
  • Air shipping of G2 black will resume next week from China on 6/15


  • We have Mini in stock in China, air shipping is available right away.
  • Previous orders of Mini ETA 6/15 were all shipped.
  • Previous orders of Mini ETA 7/10 are on right track.
  • Sea shipping of Mini ETA for new orders will be 7/30

G3 Plus

  • Orders with ETA 6/15 and 6/30 were shipped.
  • Orders with ETA 7/15 or 7/30 will be on right track.
  • Air shipping of G3 plus will resume on 6/15 from China.
For shipping Updates in Europe or other countries, please contact in China.

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  • Alexis Xavier

    My Ranger X2 was stolen a few months ago, and I have been saving up to get a new board but, I’m for sure looking to upgrade… will you guys still be launching the Ranger X3 sometime in July 2020?

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