Important update to customers who recently ordered Zealot Bamboo in the USA -Feb.5th 2021

Important update to customers who recently ordered Zealot Bamboo in the USA (if you did NOT order zealot bamboo, you are not impacted)

An extremely isolated case happened to this particular container (in the screenshot below) with zealot bamboo: US Customs has put it on hold since Dec. 2020. After about 2 months back and forth among the forwarder, broker, and customs. Our forwarder informed us today that: the container will have to be returned back to China! (Unbelievable but nothing can be done about it). In case you wonder the reason: per forwarder, customs determined there were products in the same container (which belongs to other companies) including "Huawei" parts. More FYI in case you are not aware, Huawei products are banned in the USA.

However, we have another container with zealot bamboo on the way to the USA, with an ETA on Feb. 19th, and more containers on the way after.

With all that been said, here are the impacts to these customers:

  • All current open zealot orders in the USA which had an earlier ship date scheduled before or on Feb. 5th will be further delayed, and your order will be scheduled in the container with the ETA of Feb. 19th. (We do not expect the case of customs hold happen again, finger crossed)
  • Please email our support with your order number for cancelation and get a full refund if you decide to cancel or switch to other models we have in stock now.
  • The container ETA Feb. 19th has only limited stocks of zealot left, we will update the website once it is sold out.
  • One side note: we have an upgraded version ZEALOT S with a composite deck on the way to the USA, but ETA 1st week of March to the USA. We will release it by end of Feb. Zealot S will be more expensive than the zealot bamboo, retail at $799

​We apologize for the inconvenience we brought to you. Hope you can understand this case is beyond our control.

Thank you for supporting Backfire Skateboards USA

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