How Aging Skateboarders Are Changing The Game

electric powered skateboard

Skateboarding as a hobby is getting older across the board, and it's causing a variety of changes to the hobby. While skateboarding was once a hobby for a primarily younger audience, in recent years the demographic has shifted. This has led to certain types of skateboards, like electric powered skateboards, becoming more popular lately.

An Aging Hobby

Skateboarding used to be an activity mainly popular with kids and younger generations. However, this has shifted in recent years as that generation of skaters has grown up sticking with the hobby, as newer generations fail to adopt skating as their own. In 2006, 71% of the group were in the 12-17 age demographic. Today only 45% is 12-17. It's safe to say that skaters are aging and the hobby as a whole is getting older, however, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Aging skaters are contributing to the growth of the hobby in unique and modern ways.

Modern Developments

As skaters get older, they put their own spins on the hobby, leading to unique developments like electric powered skateboards. People who have stuck with skating since they were kids have started to add modern technology to the hobby, and this allows skaters to do things with skateboards they haven't been able to before. Skaters are now able to take their skating to new places with all terrain skateboards, whose electric skateboard motors allow them to tackle rough terrain. This, along with other modern developments in skating, will push the hobby further than it's ever been before, opening the door for new types of skating and new demographics.

The Future Of Skating

With electric powered skateboards getting more popular, skating is going to become a very different hobby from what it used to be. Electric skateboards are able to go farther without any effort from the rider, as they don't require pushing, meaning these boards are more likely to be used for the average skater. There's also a strong chance that more tricks and gear specific to electric skateboards will become popular in the near future as electric boards keep gaining attention. As skaters continue to age, the hobby will grow and change with them, meaning we're likely to see more developments into the future involving these modern boards.

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