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Why we love Backfire e-boards

Backfire electric skateboards have been pioneers in e-board manufacturing for quite some time, releasing new, trendy and high-quality electric longboards and mini boards. With various boasting statistics, what we love about Backfire boards is their diversity. With a wide range of products, you’ve got the powerful electric mini board, your monster longboards such as the G2B, Zealot and G3 models, as well as one of the original and most iconic off-road eboards the Backfire Ranger X2. With an exceptional after sales team and friendly support staff, Backfire boards are an EBC favorite. 

Best Electric Longboards for students

Football is back, sports are back, and SCHOOL IS BACK! With students in inner city campus’ struggling to find more cost efficient and safe methods of commuting during the pandemic, Backfire e-boards can help you dodge the public transport barrier, dodge the traffic and get you to and from class faster while saving money. With crazy high urban commuting fees being paid per year, e-boards have provided (long term) a much more cost-efficient method of getting to and from school or work, with board ranges at 15+ miles. The average commuter commutes 4-8 miles per day, meaning you can go 2-3 days without having to worry about charging your board! 

The added benefit of e-boards on campus includes the security. With crime rates increasing on stolen bikes in cities and on campus’, the added benefit of commuting using an e-board is its portability. With Backfire boards weighing close to the 20 lb. mark, this e-boards are light, portable and you can take them right into class and store them under your desk where you can keep an eye out on them!

Electric Boarding Company – #1 Backfire Board for students

Although EBC’s customer speak so highly of the Backfire e-board range, we have noticed that students or inner-city commuters have a tendency to go after the longboard style – for comfortability and size, and one model in particular. The Backfire G2B electric skateboard. The Backfire G2 Black e-board is a timeless classic aerodynamic and user-friendly e-board, and the most affordable of all models at $429. Not only is this e-board stamped with Backfire’s awesome logo on the grip tape, the performance boasts an 18-mile range and a 24-mph top speed, meaning you’ll never be late to class again (hopefully!). This hub motor powered e-board requires minimum maintenance unlike some riot belt driven motors and is the perfect balance of range, speed and durability for students. 

By The Electric Boarding Company.

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  • Benny Nunez

    Hello Backfire, I purchased a Zealot about 6-8 months ago, & I have put over 700 miles on the board without any problems, not a dropped signal or any hardware issues. I plan on purchasing a Zealot S in the near future & I will spend my money with Backfire without a 2nd thought in the near future.

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