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You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced Backfire boards. Whether you’re a professional longboarder or just starting off, we have a board you’ll want to take everywhere. We also carry a wide selection of Backfire board accessories and hardware to help you customize and optimize your board, achieving the highest levels of both style and performance.

Our longboard online shop offers free shipping on our electric powered longboards. We also provide a 180-day warranty on all longboard models, and we’ve got special deals that you just can’t miss out on. Grab your board and accessories at our longboard online shop today!

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Backfire G2 2019
The cheapest board we offer but don't let that fool you, the Backfire G2 2019 has power to spare with a comfortable deck and control scheme.
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Ranger X1
Equipped with four 6.5" all-terrain rubber wheels and 900W Motor, Ranger X1 can go anywhere you want, mud grass rock concrete, you name it.
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Surf the Hill

Don't let the hill stop you from shredding!
With our electric longboards you can shread up and down hills all day!


Ranger X1

Go Anywhere

Don't let grass or gravel stop you from riding wherever you want. With the Ranger X1 you can ride anywhere in any weather!

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